Successful civic integration

Do you need to take a civic integration exam in order to naturalise or are you just interested in taking a civic integration course? At ROC de Leijgraaf you are in the right place. The Leijgraaf has years of experience dealing successfully with the process of integration.

“At the De Leijgraaf you can take a step in the right direction towards a future in the Netherlands”

Our integration process offers

  • A personal action plan
  • A plan appropriate to your potential, level and knowledge
  • A method of teaching whereby you can also study at home
  • A learning area where there is always a computer available for you
  • Your own language coach
  • Good preparation for the civic integration exam or state language exam

At De Leijgraaf you are the most important. We would really like you to feel comfortable with us and for you to be able to work happily towards your naturalisation. At ROC de Leijgraaf it’s possible to integrate following the normal citizenship course or via the state language exam.

Personal Process

Having got to know you we can assess your level of education and language skills. We will suggest a strategy that fits with your personal situation. If you follow the regular integration process you would be able to follow 2 or 3 half days of 3 hours per week. With the State exam you would follow also 2 or 3 half days of 3 hours per week. This depends on your ability, your potential and any training you may already have had. If necessary it’s always possible to extend your course.

We use modern media during the lessons and online working methods. De Leijgraaf has been awarded the Blik op Werk (‘Work in View’) quality rating label as stipulated by DUO.

What and Where

You can start the course at minimal 4 moments during the year. Mostly a civic integration process takes 2 years with 9 hours of lessons per week. It costs € 14,00 per hour. We can help you to apply for a DUO loan. If you follow the complete course then the (first) exams are free.

The integration courses are held at our locations in Oss, Uden or Cuijk (depending on the amount of applications). As well as language lessons you will also receive exam training so that you are well prepared to take the exam. It is also possible to take extra exam training. When you have finished the integration course you would be able to move on into MBO (Vocational) education.

Information and application

For further information or to make an application please contact De Leijgraaf via e-mail inburgeren@leijgraaf.nl or via telephone 088 017 8927.